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What is covenant marriage?

A Covenant Marriage is an additional type of marriage made available to a man and a woman in Louisiana. Covenant Marriages differ from regular marriages by requiring couples to seek marital counseling before filing for divorce. Based on the belief that many couples unnecessarily end their marriage without sufficient attempts at resolving conflict, Covenant Marriages provide an opportunity to resolve the conflict without sacrificing the marital union in the process. Of course, in the event of a serious fault (adultery, conviction of a felony, physical or sexual abuse, etc.) a divorce will be granted to the non-faulting spouse.

How do you get a covenant marriage?

Couples choosing Covenant Marriage must attend premarital counseling prior to entering into marriage and agree to attend marital counseling to address future problems which threaten their marriage.

What do I need to contract a Covenant Marriage?

You need to get the required forms from either your religious leader, marital counselor, or your local clerk of court. The three forms you will need to complete your Covenant Marriage include the Declaration of Intent, a notarized affidavit indicating you have completed the required premarital counseling and read the Covenant Marriage Act (a pamphlet produced by the Louisiana Attorney General explaining Covenant Marriage), and an affidavit by the person who conducted your premarital counseling indicating that it was completed.

Is there a cost difference between the two types of marriage licenses?

No. Both licenses cost $25. If you would like a miniature copy of the marriage license, that is an additional $5.

What is the process for married couples who would like to convert their marriage to a Covenant Marriage? Is there an additional cost?

According to Louisiana law, married couples may convert their marriage to a Covenant Marriage by going through the same declaration, counseling, and procedure as set out above, the only difference being a minor wording change in the Declaration of Intent to reflect the fact that the couple is already married and wishes to convert their marriage to a covenant marriage. Since a marriage license has already been issued, there is no cost to change that marriage license to a Covenant Marriage license.

What are the grounds for divorce of a Covenant Marriage as opposed to those of a traditional marriage?

Additional Information:

1. Covenant Marriage Movement Brochure.  This brochure is perfect for printing and distribution in churches, etc.  It gives a great overview of what Covenant Marriage is and why it is important. Click here.

2. Legal Documents Necessary for an Inititial Covenant Marriage:

3. Legal Documents for Converting an Existing Marriage to Covenant Marriage:

4. The Louisiana Attorney General has prepared a brochure in accordance with State Statutes.  It is available here.  This document must be given to every couple seeking a Covenant Marriage in Louisiana.

Where can I find more information?

Please contact your local religious leader. However, if he or she is not familiar with Covenant Marriage, you can call 800.606.6470, and you will be referred to someone in your area that can help you contract a Covenant Marriage.